Mood-Based Personal Training

Have you ever skipped a workout due to depression, stress, lack of motivation or just generally low energy? We seek to ease these feelings of distress by tailoring your physical activity to your mood. Upset by recent personal problems? A Cardio Reggae session will put the happy in your feet and get the fat burning. Feeling overwhelmed from the work day? A high impact interval circuit will help channel that negative energy into a focused workout. Anxious about upcoming responsibilities? Use meditation and active stretching to ease the mental and physical stress of the day. My Moodivation provides physical activities to fit every mood and fitness goal.  

Meditation and Active Stretching


Recovery is an essential part of fitness. Through meditation and active stretching, you will be able to rejuvenate your mind and your body for optimal performance. These yoga, tai-chi and aikido inspired movements will keep your body limber and your mind sharp for any challenges that will come your way.

Low Impact Cardio and Strength Training


Are you new to physical fitness? Are you a former athlete looking to get back into shape? Or maybe you just want a fun way to burn calories. Get your body into shape with low impact training. Basic cardio, calisthenic and resistance training will get your body primed and ready to take on all the challenges of your life. Choose between interval training, cross training, resistance training or fitness games to start your journey into a more fit life.

High Impact Cardio and Strength Training

Step up your workout with high impact cardio and strength training. Inspired by various sports and martial arts drills, our high impact training will push you past your plateau and unlock a new level in your fitness. Exercises such as resisted sprints, medicine ball tosses, heavy bag rounds, kettle bell swings...just to name a few. Get ready to push your mind and body to new limits!


Fill your body with the power of the rhythm! Inspired by dance cultures all over the world, our routines will get your feet moving and the fat burning. Whether you're a novice dancer or seasoned pro, we will provide routines that will challenge your body and speak to your soul. Let's get moving!